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Sacred Conversations with Rev Karla

Conversations to Explore Spirituality Outside of Religion

Join Rev Karla in her monthly Live teaching series where we come together to learn about deconstructing Christianity, exploring our spiritual journeys outside of organized religion, and working towards healing the trauma caused by harmful religious experiences.

Find Safety

Rev Karla’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals from all backgrounds can come together to share their experiences, ask questions, and find support as they navigate their unique spiritual paths.


During our teaching sessions, we will explore the complexities of Christianity and how it has shaped our lives. We will discuss ways in which religion can be a source of trauma and work towards healing and growth.

Rev Karla utilizes a holistic approach to help guide you in spiritual healing and growth, recognizing that each individual’s journey is unique and requires personalized attention.


What Happens During Sacred Conversations with Rev Karla?

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or have been on it for years, Rev Karla’s Sacred Conversations are a space for growth, exploration, and healing.


Each session includes a deep dive into the content with a teaching, as well as a Live Q&A. During the Q&A, attendees have the exclusive opportunity to connect with Rev Karla and other participants, share their experiences, and get their questions answered in a safe and supportive community.


Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Deconstructing Christianity and the impact of religion on our lives
  • Exploring our individual spiritual journeys
  • Overcoming religious trauma
  • Finding inner peace and growth outside of organized religion
  • The role of community and support in our spiritual lives

Sacred Conversations with Rev Karla

Register for a single live form, or purchase a recording from previous months. 

Embracing the Christ Consciousness

Discover the true self.

Discover the limitless depths of your spirituality. Christ Consciousness is a state of being, a heightened awareness of your divine nature. When you connect with the sacredness of it, you can break free from limiting beliefs and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Your true self awaits you, Beloved.

Sacred Conversation Replay Videos

Living a Spiritually-Empowered Life

Reclaim your seat at the table of humanity that was kicked out from under you by patriarchy.

Spiritual empowerment is about connecting with your inner self, accessing your innate wisdom, and living in alignment with your values and purpose. In this transformative conversation, we will tap into your spiritual power, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, and create a life of meaning, fulfillment, and joy. Step into your full authenticity as a spiritually-empowered being.

Sacred Boundaries

Learn how to set healthy boundaries that honor your needs and values, and allow you to live a life of authenticity and purpose. Boundaries are essential to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, and enable us to develop healthier relationships and a stronger sense of self. Discover the power of sacred boundaries and experience greater peace, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Discovering the Bible You Never Knew

Does the Bible really say what you think it says?

“You can make the Bible say what you need it to say to affirm what you believe the Bible says.” Explore the fascinating world of biblical interpretation. Discover new insights and understandings that challenge commonly held beliefs and interpretations. Expand your understanding of the Bible and gain a deeper appreciation for its wisdom and relevance in modern times. This is not a class in theology, but a journey to understand the thread that binds those seeking to find wisdom contained in ancient text.

Religious Trauma: What is It & How to Heal From It

You deserve to live free from harm others have done to you.

Uncover the ways in which religious trauma may be impacting your life and learn effective strategies for healing and moving forward. Unhealed trauma limits our ability to live beyond it, and we often carry it with us without even realizing it. Take the first step towards living a life free from the toxic weight of religious trauma. You deserve to heal and thrive.

Reclaiming Your Spirituality

Honor your truth, establish your boundaries and discover your spiritual identity.

Break free from the limitations of external influences that negatively impact your spiritual growth and connect with your inner truth. Establish healthy boundaries and learn to honor your unique spiritual identity. Rev Karla will guide you through the process of spiritual reclamation, empowering you to live a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Walking the Spiritual but Not Religious Path

Expand your awareness that God is all around.

Discover the beauty of a spiritual life free from traditional religious structures. Learn to connect with the Divine in new and meaningful ways and explore the many paths to spiritual growth and fulfillment. The “Nones” – those who choose no religious affiliation, are one of the fastest growing sectors of spirituality. Embrace this wisdom of spiritual exploration outside of organized religion.

Seeking the God Thread

Explore faith outside of religion.

Discover the thread that weaves through different faith traditions. Explore the richness of interfaith and interspiritual perspectives and discover the depth of connection available to those who seek a path to the Holy. Break free from the limitations of traditional religion and open yourself up to new possibilities for spiritual growth and exploration.

What Do I Do About Jesus?

Discover the Jesus you never knew.

There are many layers to Jesus’ story beyond the limited view of the Jesus taught in evangelical Christianity. Expand your understanding of Jesus' teachings and discover how they can enrich your life today. Experience the fullness of Jesus' story.

Living Free From Indoctrinated Beliefs

Live free from guilt, shame & indoctrinated beliefs that convince you that you are unworthy.

Break free from the limiting beliefs imposed by indoctrination and discover the power of your inherent worth. Experience the freedom and fulfillment that comes from living an authentic life, free from patriarchal conditioning.

How to Heal From Patriarchy

Are you ready to heal from the harm patriarchy has caused?

Learn to overcome the impact of patriarchy on your life (hint: it’s vast and multi-layered). Discover how patriarchal indoctrinations in your family, your religious experience and even in your education have impacted you. Heal and reclaim your power and voice. Connect with a supportive community and step into your full potential. Sign up now and begin your healing journey.

How to Live From the Soul

Are you ready to reclaim your spirituality?

Unleash the power of your soul. Discover your purpose and ignite your passion as you tap into the wisdom and guidance of your soul. Learn practical tools to live a more authentic, fulfilling life. Join Rev Karla in this live masterclass and start living from the soul.

God is Big Enough to Share

Release the need to gatekeep God.

Let go of the fear of diversity, exclusivity and learn to embrace the richness of diverse perspectives. Experience a deeper connection with God by embracing inclusivity.

Leaving Church, Finding God

Be at peace with life after church.

Are you struggling with your faith after leaving church? Do you feel lost and alone on your spiritual journey? Discover the peace and hope you've been searching for. Learn how to navigate your deconstruction with grace and find a meaningful spiritual path. 

More Sacred Conversations Coming Soon...

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