The Sacred Journey Monthly Program

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Access to Rev Karla’s Sacred Conversation Live Events. Engage in profound discussions on topics from deconstructing Christianity to overcoming religious trauma and Live Q&A segments.

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Weekly Sunday teaching videos from Rev Karla, offering spiritual connection and inspiration.

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Monthly Facebook Live sessions, providing you the opportunity to ask Rev Karla your pressing questions.

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Special teaching from Rev Karla titled: "The Sacredness of the Spiritual Wilderness.”

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Unrestricted access to Rev Karla’s Vault featuring Contemplative Spiritual Practices, Breathwork Exercises, and Prayers and Meditations.

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Weekly Sunday Reflection worksheets that dive deeper into Sunday’s video teaching. These include contemplative journal prompts that expand on the teaching and offer further insight to expand your knowledge and understanding from the teaching.

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Access to Rev Karla’s Facebook group, fostering deep connections with others on similar journeys.


  • The Sacred Journey Membership

    Go deeper into your healing journey to discover your spiritual authenticity | Access to our Private facebook Group | Sundays with Rev Karla
    * This is a recurring product
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    USD $25.00


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