Welcome, Beautiful Soul 
Rev Karla is here to help you:

  • Heal from your religious trauma.
  • Deconstruct from the toxic theology of your religious heritage.
  • Connect with others who are on a spiritual-but-not-religious journey.
  • Be your authentic self, free from the narratives others placed on you that do not serve your highest good.

Rev Karla's Story


This story begins in the rolling hills of God’s country—Kentucky. It is there, in a small Southern Baptist church, seated closely to my grandmother that I fell in love with Jesus.

Although I’ve untangled from my religious beliefs that had put God in too small a box, I have carried that love for Jesus my entire life.

That untangling began over 12 years ago, and it continues even today, where I often am invited to release a limited understanding of who God is so I can dive into a deeper understanding of who I am and how I exist and connect in this world.

Some may call me a spiritual nomad, but I now am simply on a spiritual-but-not-religious path that invites me to stay curious, and to continue to release that which no longer serves my highest good so that I am fully available to elevate the human condition in my ministry and in inner circle of loved ones.

I discovered all of this late in life—a testament to the power of religious indoctrination with solid anchors in patriarchy. Raised in a generation where children were seen and not heard, and obedience meant complete submission regardless of the harm it did to you, I lived many years trying to make myself small enough to not be harmed by the talons hidden in this toxic patriarchal structure.

No more.

I returned to college for Biblical and world religious studies in my 50’s then onto seminary, but no ordinary seminary would do. It had to reflect what was being asked of me—to understand how God ebbed and flowed in the world, not just in the religion of my heritage.

And I found that seminary at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City, where in 2017 I was ordained an interfaith/interspiritual minister.

Then I began to write.

And write.

And write, until one day, I answered a spiritual nudge to take this library of writings to social media and offer it to others who are struggling with healing from religious trauma, untangling from their religious heritage, and desiring a different kind of spiritual community.

TikTok and Instagram became the primary platforms for that online ministry, and to date over 640,000 followers have joined me on this fascinating and healing journey to remove God from the box and instead seek to understand

→ how others experience God
→ how others define God
→ what other names describe God
→ and for some—what it means to question the existence of God

"Now Go Be Who You Are."

- Rev Karla