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Trauma-Informed: An Interview With Marlana Glaeser, Owner Of Gentle Hands Consulting

Defining Trauma-Informed

“I wonder if you’d be interested in joining me on a TikTok livestream.”

And with that simple DM, a friendship began with a person who I have come to know and admire greatly for her courage.

In this week’s podcast episode, Marlana Glaeser shares what inspired her book, “I am her, she is me,” what led to her leaving fundamental Christianity and what finally gave her the courage to come out as a lesbian and embrace who she really was.

From religious trauma to healing the inner child, Marlana and I dive deeply into our stories and our healing journeys.

I’d like to give you a gentle warning before you read this blog, or listen to the podcast episode if you haven’t yet, Marlana and I touch on very sensitive topics during our conversation. These sensitive topics are intentionally discussed because they help tell Marlana’s story and give you immense insight into what led her to her calling.

Marlana is a single mother whose story about how her own childhood was marred by emotional neglect, sexual abuse, and religious trauma touched my soul and connected us in a way that can only be defined as kismet.

During this episode, Marlana and I discuss the journey of deconstructing, healing, and finding yourself. I handed the spotlight over to Marlana on this episode because I really wanted her to be able to tell us her story.

Marlena herself grew up in a conservative Christian fundamentalist church. She has found her path to healing, and she owns Gentle Hands Consulting, a lifetime lifestyle consulting business that assists others with what she refers to as their trauma-healing jumpstart.

We also made a great announcement! Marlana has joined our team at Numa Soul as Director of Spiritual Guidance and Communication. She will be helping oversee many of the services and events coming in 2023, so stay tuned.

During our conversation, Marlana said something that really spoke to me. She said, "There's a deep connection when you have experienced something in the way of cult-like thinking, you connect with somebody with the same experience, and then you're like, yes, I have found my people." Right before Marlana and I sat down to record, I'd had another discussion with somebody who has a similar experience to Marlana and myself, honestly, and that whole feeling like even though you may not, of course, you're not the first person who's ever gone through this. Still, at the time, it feels like it is.

Marlana and I love that we forged our friendship on TikTok. Many people see social media as a silly app or a wasteland where others become the worst version of themselves. While all that can be true, the importance of having these platforms to connect with others who truly understand what we've been through or who may be going through it is not mentioned enough.

Social media gives us the gift of expanding what it means to be in a community with one another.

Lastly, the most important aspect of this conversation is the one where Marlana shares the importance of understanding what it means to be trauma-informed. Being trauma-informed helps us find competent therapists and ensures those we entrust in our inner circle knows what it means to care for another’s soul.

Below is the transcript for that podcast.

You can read the transcript for this episode of Spirituality Matters here.
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If you’d like to watch my interview with Marlana, click here.

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