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Spirituality in the Unknown


But first: an intro to Rev. Karla’s reimagined and expanded website and writings.

Friends: How are you? I mean….really. How are you doing with this proverbial elephant that is consuming our news and our lives? We didn’t think it was possible to flip a switch that turns off life as we know it, but indeed that is what has happened.

Some are confused and worried. Others are angry and resentful. Still others are grateful for the space and thriving in this moment of pause as we explore what life will look like on the other side of “this.”

For me, I accepted the invitation this season of the unknown offered and moved into a time of healing and deep exploration of what is being asked of me as we journey through this experience together. From that space of silence, I rediscovered my passion for writing and teaching.

And so it begins--the next chapter of Rev. Karla. Each week a new blog post will arrive. Then throughout the week I’ll offer gifts of inspiration and wisdom that have been gifted to me through my training, my ancestors, the angels and the Holy Spirit. So be sure to look for me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Now, with much gratitude for your presence on this journey with me, I offer the first blog post so that, together, we discover the sacredness that is being offered in this season of the unknown.

Don’t pitch a tent
The perpetual cycle of worry, anxiety and fear

Although the earth quietly heals as we humans struggle to find our footing in this season of the unknown, it is still noisy out here. It also can be overwhelming as we search for ways to silence the mind and calm the soul.

Wisdom teachers and spiritual healers are offering insight in a multitude of ways. But old habits die hard, don’t they? Instead of reaching for the light of kindness being offered by those who can help, it’s human nature to revert to comfortable -- but not necessarily helpful -- patterns.

Minutes turn into hours turn into days of immobilizing fear. Worry consumes the mind in the middle of the night, and anxiety threatens to pull us even further down the abyss of darkness.

Seeking Peace in the Unknown

This perpetual cycle of worry, anxiety and fear may seem as comfortable as that old pair of jeans. But this season of unknown is about accepting that life as we know it -- both as individuals and humanity -- will simply never be the same on the other side of this. We may have much to worry about, but old toxic patterns we’ve used to deal with life’s challenges are no longer working.

This is a spiritual moment, Beloved. This season of the unknown is inviting us to reconsider our world, our coping mechanisms, and our priorities. Pitching a tent in old habits ensures that the resistance to see the opportunities to grow and heal will be easily missed.

The Holy is here, waiting for us to accept the gift of peace and grace that is being offered when we let go of the need to see what lies at the end of this tunnel.

The light doesn’t shine that far into the darkness, but rest assured that the light is here.

The spirituality in this season of the unknown is gently nudging us to be uncomfortable by opening ourselves to new ideas and new ways to cope with challenging times.

Visit with worry, fear and anxiety, but don’t pitch a tent there.
Spiritual wisdom is being offered from teachers and healers.
Move toward those who offer you a gift of kindness in this season of the unknown.
We’ll be better prepared for what lies ahead when we acknowledge our need to grow and heal, and accept another’s wisdom with gratitude and grace.

Come. Let us heal and grow together.


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