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Diverse Spiritual Paths and Navigating Post-Deconstruction Challenges

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In this week's blog, Rev Karla answers your questions regarding Jesus’ return, navigating your deconstruction journey and her thoughts on the afterlife. This is part #9 Q&A podcast/blog series addressing thought-provoking questions, offering her insight and perspective to encourage self-reflection and a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey. Below you can find this week’s questions from our audience.

Questioning Beliefs—Jesus's Return and a New Earth

Question #1: “As a gay Christian, it is both a relief and confusing because it's all I've ever known. Do you think Jesus will ever return? And what about a new Earth?”

  • The first question comes from a listener who identifies as a gay Christian. This listener grapples with the concept of Jesus's return and the idea of a new Earth. Rev Karla begins by discussing the concept of the Rapture and its connection to end times theology, shedding light on the differences between these beliefs. Rev Karla provides historical context, highlighting how early Christians grappled with the delay of Jesus's return and the subsequent development of Christian texts to explain these beliefs. She encourages listeners to explore what tenets of faith you may be holding onto, and what you are deconstructing from.

Post-Deconstruction Interactions and the Afterlife

Question #2: “How do you know when to discuss and when not to, how to respect their journey without trying to correct them, and how to meet them where they are?”

  • The second question addressed by Rev Karla focuses on navigating interactions with others post-deconstruction. Listeners seek guidance on discussing their evolving beliefs while respecting others' journeys. Rev Karla emphasizes the importance of self-care and personal growth during this process, offering valuable insights on when to engage in discussions and when to maintain silence.

Exploring the Afterlife and the Journey of Returning to Love

Question #3: “Would you be willing to discuss your thoughts on the afterlife? Do you still think of heaven?” and “I'm a silent watcher healing from religious trauma and would love to know your thoughts on heaven.”

  • In the final question, Rev Karla expands her thoughts on the afterlife. She shares her perspective on the concept of heaven, emphasizing that we return to love and the divine mystery in some form. She invites us to contemplate the idea that our actions on Earth compel us back to love, shedding light on the intricacies of faith and spirituality in the context of deconstruction.

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