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Exploring Spiritual Beliefs, LGBTQIA+ Inclusion, and Challenging Toxic Beliefs

In this Part #6 special Q&A blog series, Rev Karla answers compelling questions from her audience.

Read below to learn more about each topic Rev Karla will be discussing this week: 

Beliefs About God and Jesus

Question #1: “I have a question for you. Tell me if I am out of line. Do you still believe in God and Jesus? Jesus? No judgment for me. I am on my own spiritual journey at the moment.”

Rev Karla reflects on her personal beliefs about God and Jesus, sharing her journey from a strict religious upbringing to a more open and mystical spirituality. She emphasizes her departure from rigid interpretations of God and Jesus from her religious heritage and the importance of embracing a more personal, inclusive, and open-minded relationship with the divine.

LGBTQIA+ and Religion

Question #2: “All my life I was taught that homosexuals go to hell. Can you please make a video explaining how you don't go to hell?”

The second question Rev Karla further discusses is the intersection of LGBTQIA+ identity and religion. She begins by emphasizing the need for more inclusive language and understanding and challenging the belief that homosexuality is a sin. She encouraged listeners to adopt a compassionate and accepting approach, moving away from judgment and exclusion based on sexual orientation.

"Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner"

Question #3: “Hate the sin, not the sinner, is the only one I don't agree with. I think that we need to keep saying hate the sin, not the sinner. Help me understand because for me I hate the actions of others, but it's not my sin or my life to judge. But it doesn't mean I like sin. I still love everyone. We are all sinners. Am I wrong? Love your content.”

For our final question, Rev Karla explains how this phrase can perpetuate harm and reinforce a sense of moral or spiritual superiority. She urged listeners not to accept this toxic belief and to reject attempts to judge others based on one's interpretation of sin and recognizing the equal worth of all individuals.

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