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5 Practical ways to heal from a masculinized, homophobic, racist, sexist, patriarchal God and in its place discover a God that is big enough to share

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Embrace Your Own Path to Healing

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Challenge Harmful Teachings

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Release Toxic Beliefs

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Embrace a God Who Celebrates the Diversity of Humanity

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Heal From Religious Trauma

Move Forward to Something Better

Welcome, beautiful souls. Rev Karla created this transformative resource whether you’ve experienced deep hurt or have perpetuated harm due to religious teachings. This guide is here to support your healing journey.

If you’ve been wounded by individuals who used religion to judge, condemn, or control you, it’s time to release that judgment and embrace your own path to healing. Alternatively, if you were once part of a religious community that taught these harmful beliefs, this guide acknowledges the truth and challenges of these harmful teachings and illuminates the need to dismantle the beliefs that enforced gender inequality and this toxic theology. This resource guide explores the impact of these toxic beliefs and how to begin to release them.

Embrace a God who celebrates the diversity of humanity. This free resource will help you take steps towards a more authentic and inclusive spirituality.

Rev Karla has helped thousands of people understand how religious trauma can impact your life. This guide will help you understand what religious trauma is and offer you practical steps to heal from it.

God Is Gay…and Black and Female and Non-Binary: Break Away From Toxic Theology is the companion course for this resource guide. This course celebrates the diversity of humanity and recognizes that our differences should be celebrated, not condemned. 

Rev Karla is joined by a group of amazing teachers and creators, including Goddess Mia, Amir Yass, Jegaysus, Paul Swearengin, and Marlana Glaeser who will share their stories and wisdom with you, covering topics such as harmful theology, complicit bias, science and gender, discrimination, and deconstructing from indoctrinated beliefs. This course will challenge and inspire you to think critically about harmful attitudes and beliefs, and reject indoctrinated beliefs to create a more inclusive and compassionate world. 


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