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Challenging Toxic Theology and Navigating Spirituality

Each month we receive hundreds of lovely messages and questions from our community. During this special Q&A blog and episode of Spirituality Matters, Rev Karla will take the opportunity to answer some of these heartfelt questions and comments a couple times each month. We hope you enjoy this new series, and if you have specific questions you would like answered please email us at


In this Part #3 episode of Spirituality Matters, Rev Karla answers these questions:

→Do you (Rev Karla) believe in Jesus?
→Why do you seem angry and hurt at the church? Isn't it time to move on?
→What are your thoughts about how our country got into this mess?
→Why do so many churches with toxic theology hide behind the modern church theme?
You can read the transcript from this episode of Spirituality Matters HERE.
You can listen to the Spirituality Matters Podcast by clicking HERE.
You can watch this uncut episode on Rev Karla's YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

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