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I’m writing this blog in late October. It will post the Sunday before midterm elections.

And I’m terrified.

There isn’t one sector of humans in the United States that isn’t at risk of losing their rights.

Black people.
Indigenous people.
Other People of color.
Women from all walks of life.
People with disabilities.
Seniors and those living in assisted or skilled nursing facilities.

Yet even with everything at stake, the outcome of this election is not clear.

Will we be a nation that continues to move forward to ensure equal opportunities and representation for all of its citizens?

Or will we be a nation that spirals deep into the abyss to become a one-religion, one-party Christian-centric fascist society? A society that has such a rigid, narrow translation of the Bible that supports dominion theology—an archaic, patriarchal structure that believes that a nation should be governed by white Christian men.

Peek again at that list of people who are at risk of losing their rights. Notice the only protected class is the white Christian man. Black people, People of color or women of all colors who support dominion theology have merely internalized their patriarchal beliefs to the point that they are hoping they are high enough on that ladder that the mud spattered on the rest of us caused by the annihilation of human rights doesn’t touch them.

Make no mistake about it—those who are not the white Christian man will never climb that ladder of privilege so far to reach the top rung. Dominion theology ensures that, and yet they remain loyal to a system that sees them as less than.

Somehow all of this warped and sick theology is supposed to reflect God back to us.

It’s nonsense and the farthest it can be from Jesus.

Still the midterms are not a certainty that humanity will win.

I want to scream at those supporting these extremist Christians entrenched in the Republican party. I want to call attention to the danger, wave my hands wildly in front of them and plead with them to ‘wake up!’

But I know they won’t.

Because something far more sinister is at work here, and it’s time we scream it at the top of our lungs without mincing words.

Dominion theology is racist.
Dominion theology is homophobic.
Dominion theology is transphobic.
Dominion theology is xenophobic.
Dominion theology is sexist.
Dominion theology is ableist.
Dominion theology is ageist.

It is inarguable.

Darker still is its fascination with fascist leadership, evidenced in how openly supportive extremist Christians are of Vladimir Putin, idolizing him as a king. If that isn’t troubling enough, they are the first to add filters to the horrific brutality of Hitler by saying things like, “not all Nazis were bad.”

Yes, extremist Christians. All Nazis were bad. It’s your proximity to Christian nationalism, which was rooted inside the Nazi party, that compels you to try to blur those lines.

Let’s be clear—Nazi Christian nationalism and extremist Christian nationalism, home-grown here in America, are borne from the same toxic and deadly ideology.

And I can’t believe I’m typing this, but we are not sure if we will escape the death grip it will have on our rights here in America.

I recognize the midterms are not the end.
We will continue to use our voices and stand up to Christian fascists, because the reality is this is just the beginning. There is real damage to undo with an illegitimate Supreme Court and laws that have been put in place for the sole purpose of suppressing the votes of those from historically marginalized people.

But the midterms point the mirror on the soul of this nation.
If fascism wins, the next two years will be catastrophic for the historically oppressed.

In the end, I do believe good will win. History tells us that no matter how much you confess to be hiding behind your warped Christian theology—you will not prevail.

I must believe this.

History will judge us on what we do from here forward.

Blessed be.

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