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Is That God Speaking to Me?

Is that God speaking to me?

I often receive hundreds of comments and questions each week, and one of the most common questions I get is “How do I know I’m hearing from God?”

My first response is usually not helpful, but it’s truthful, which is, “Join the club.”

That isn’t to say we all don’t hear from God — but it is to say that there are many of us who often wonder if God is speaking to us. But it takes patience, discernment and objectivity to know when, or if, you are hearing from God. In other words, our ability to hear from God has to be more than a desire to receive it. We must be a willing participant in this sacred process.

What does it mean to be a willing participant? Well, it’s more than just prayer which, for many of us, is our go-to for all things God. If you are desiring to hear from God about a certain situation or direction in your life, it may take more than just prayer. I often encourage journaling to calm the mind and heart. Also, there is wisdom on your issue or concern from thought leaders or spiritual leaders; meditation; any type of active creative work, such as painting, dancing, singing — anything that takes your mind off of controlling the situation; scripture studies; and of course, wise counsel.

In other words, you may get a handwritten note from God in the sky with your answer* … but most likely that is not going to happen.

If you follow me on TikTok, you may have seen my morning meditations called, “Be still.” These are short spiritual insights where I offer a thought or encouragement for your day. As a content creator who is forced to balance content with time spent vs. its impact, I’ve often wondered if I should stop doing these meditations because of their low views compared to other videos we produce. Yet without fail, someone comments that this video is exactly what they needed to hear to help them as they struggle with a challenging issue.

No, friends. I’m not saying I’m God. I am saying those messages come through me to other people who need the wisdom that’s being shared for them at just the right time. If they are open to receive it, then it is a sacred exchange between Divine wisdom being offered through me to a waiting soul — a beautiful alignment of sacred synchronicity.

Although I’ve never had a hand writing across the sky to deliver my answers, there have been times when answers seemingly plop into my head out of “nowhere” — the quote marks are intentional to signal what I believe to be Divine intervention. It was in those moments that I knew when it was time to leave church; time to heal from my religious trauma; and time to answer my calling into ministry.

This type of spiritual knowledge or awareness is often referred to as intuition, which I’ve written about before here. Over the years, some religions have minimized the importance of intuition when it comes to preparing our human vessel to hear from God. Intuition, however, is just one of the spiritual tools available to us that connects our mind and souls to the Divine messages flowing our way.

If you feel frustration over spiritual direction or guidance in your life, this topic can feel frustrating.

But stay with me.

This coming week, we’ll spend time on my Podcast and on IGTV exploring ways we can hear from God, and perhaps where we are missing those sacred God moments.

There is hope, dear one. If you believe your soul inhabits your physical human vessel, and if you believe that Divine wisdom is available to help guide you, then God is as close as your next breath.

Come. Let us explore together the sacred ways God is speaking to you.

Blessed be.

*Daniel 5 in The Holy Bible


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