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Spiritual Reset 2023

A Spiritual Journey Through the New Year

Are you ready to throw away resolutions and focus on meaningful reflection? Are you ready to experience the difference a spiritual reset can evoke inside your mind, heart, and soul? Learn how to throw aside unrealistic expectations that leave you feeling lousy when you fail to meet them and start living a higher-quality life by starting your new year with clarity and peace.

Rev Karla

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- M. J. B.

Here's What You'll Receive
Inside Spiritual Reset 2023

A Reflective And Contemplative Journey Through 2023

This mindful journey will help keep you grounded through the entire 2023 year.

A Video To Begin Each Month On The Best Foot Possible

You will receive a video from Rev Karla on the first of each month. These videos will help prepare you for the month ahead, as well as guide you through the year.

Monthly Written Teachings From Rev Karla

Each month you will receive a written teaching thoughtfully and lovingly prepared for you by Rev Karla.

Each month you will receive printable journal prompts. This will serve as a way for you to not only process the lessons you've learned that day, but also as a map of your personal journey you can reflect back on to see your personal growth.

Practices To Help Cultivate A More Mindful Approach

In addition to the videos, written teachings, and journal prompts, Rev Karla will also send you a mindfulness practice each month to help guide you through more contemplative meditation practices.

Bonus End Of Month Video

Each month you will receive an invitation to submit your questions to Rev Karla. At the end of each month, Rev Karla will post a video answering your questions, as well as sharing her thoughts about the upcoming month.

Special Bonus

With your Spiritual Reset 2023 purchase you will receive an invitation to Rev Karla's private livestream she will be hosting at the close of 2022. This will be an interactive livestream with Rev Karla to reflect upon the close of the year and prepare for the upcoming 2023 year.

Lifetime Course Access

"Rev Karla, you are such a beautiful light to guide people into their full selves out of a place of vulnerability"

- S.F.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to join but am worried about the time commitment. Will I have time for this in my already busy schedule?

Spiritual Reset 2023 may be exactly what you need if you're already feeling overwhelmed before the new year even begins. Whether you prefer mornings, middays, or evenings Spiritual Reset is specifically designed to be a self-paced course, done on your own time. Spiritual Reset 2023 is flexible and made to support you each month, rather than leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by strict regiment.

I set New Year resolutions every year, but I never stick with them. This year will probably be no different- I seam to have a knack for disappointing myself.

First things first, please give yourself a break, you deserve to love and be kind to yourself. As for those resolutions, we encourage you to completely abandon the societal pressure - and guilt trip - that surrounds them.

Rev Karla thoughtfully and lovingly developed Spiritual Reset 2023 to be a guided meditation designed to help you find peace, balance, and clarity in the year ahead.

I’m excited to work with Rev Karla. How can I make sure my questions will be answered during this program?

We’re excited to work with you too! Rev Karla has put so much thought, energy, and love into this transformative experience, which is why we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to answer all your questions personally. However, we will do our best to engage in meaningful conversation.

During the course, you can also send questions to, although again, we can’t guarantee all questions will be answered personally by Rev Karla.

I’m working with a licensed therapist and feel I need to share this program with them before I register. How do I do that?

We respect the work our clients do with therapeutic programs. At no time do we ever suggest you suspend medical treatment, including medications, because you registered for this program. Your therapist can find all the information they need on this page. If they have additional questions, have them email us at

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