10 Day Online Course

A New and Easy Way to Transform Obligation and Exhaustion Into an Authentic Experience of Peace, Joy, and Self-Discovery This Holiday Season.


Meet Your Teachers

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Reverend Karla

For so many years, I experienced absolute exhaustion and dread during and after the holidays. I would endlessly cook, shop, and host gatherings until the spiral of the season finally spit me out the other side. I simply found no joy in what I was doing.

After 10 years of tirelessly studying and exploring my own spiritual-but-not-religious journey, I finally discovered how to protect my authenticity while finding what was truly meaningful to me this time of year.

Today, I have honed and refined those lessons in order to share them with you, in the hopes that you’ll transform how you experience the holiday season and beyond!


Reverend Arda

Rev Arda is an interfaith/interspiritual minister and former spiritual leader in NYC with over 25+ years of research in world religions, consciousness, philosophy, and human behavior under her belt. She works with multiple non-profits, government institutions, and state universities to develop human potential, teach conscious leadership, empower women, and shift social paradigms.

Her expertise and input in Gratitude Journey will allow you to feel confident and comfortable that the curriculum is designed to change your life in a holistic and healthy way.

During This Groundbreaking Course, You’ll:

Recognize and release long held-beliefs that prevent you from creating personal boundaries, which means you’ll potentially save hours of unnecessary hosting, shopping, or cooking.

Explore how unresolved grief and sorrow play in your holiday experience. You’ll become more present and able to enjoy everything without a cloud of darkness hanging over you.

Embrace a healthier understanding of gratitude so you can transform into a better version of yourself while finally feeling whole and alive again during the holidays.

Learn how to keep your mental sanity and protect your authenticity while honoring your loved ones fully and completely.

Create a meaningful connection with others who desire to begin the holidays with gratitude and peace, making you feel loved and supported along your journey.